Elizabeth Baron Cole

Elizabeth Baron Cole, RDN, MNT, CHFS

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Medical Nutrition Therapist, Certified Health and Fitness Specialist

ElizabethThe leading nutrition counseling expert specializing in helping you meet your health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals.  Understanding your body’s nutritional needs will never be complicated again. No matter what your age, gender or health condition Elizabeth Baron Cole will listen in detail to your needs and concerns and help you find solutions to master your mind and body by adopting changes that are just right for you.

Two Peas is honored to have the support and direction of Elizabeth to meet all of our clients’ goals. Our meals are healthier and properly balanced due to Elizabeth’s guidance.

Elizabeth has over 30 years of experience helping her loyal clients reach their maximum nutrition, weight and wellness goals.  Her warm personality, vast knowledge and comprehensive approach will be a great asset in achieving your optimal health.


 Elizabeth Baron-Cole & Associates

2121 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 302
Santa Monica, CA 90403

(310) 453-5212 office


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