“Chefs, Paola & Craig Petrella, are the best! We send them all our high-profile clients. They are the top specialized meal drop-off service in southern California. Their catering department is also first rate. They are true professionals & I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

– Christian Paier

“Two Peas has been a life changer for me. Not only am I eating right everyday, but the food is incredible!”

– Josh Duhamel

“Two Peas is a simple name for such an amazing culinary duo. That is an aspect of their charm and integrity. They don’t shout. They do. I have known Paola and Craig Petrella, the founders of Two Peas, for almost 15 years. Their steadfast devotion to food and service have been unwavering. Through their boutique catering and home meals designed for great flavor wedded to sound health they have distinguished themselves and their business across the state of California and beyond. I have been pleased to do some ‘hands-on’ events with them over the years catering to large numbers of event-goers. I have also personally experienced their delivery services. They are consistently providing guests with over-the-top results and redefining the very art of chef-driven food services. I can’t wait to see what they cook up next!”

– Norman Van Aken

“Chef Paola and her team catered my 60th birthday dinner in my home. It was an absolutely wonderful evening and the food was spectacular. It was delicious, beautifully presented, and professionally executed. The staff who came with Chef Paola were great. They were accommodating of our schedule as the night went on and calmly prepared everything when we needed it. I can’t wait to use them again for another occasion as they enhanced the evening so much!”

– Ian and Loren Schnider

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything last Saturday. Our guests really enjoyed everything. You and your staff were amazing! The food smelled delicious and of course, it was wonderful. It was such a pleasure working with you and I hope to do so again in the future. Thanks again for all your help and it was so nice to finally meet you!”

– Tabitha

If you were disappointed with online meal delivery services and considering Two Peas, I assure you, you will be delighted to find out that Two Peas shouldn’t even be considered on the same level as other services. You’ll receive freshly prepared meals daily. Meals are prepared with ingredients you like. It’ll be strictly the diet you specify. You’ll not have to waste your precious time thinking about how to prepare healthy meals, fight the traffic to visit a grocery store or cook when you are exhausted at the end of the day. You’ll have more time to exercise and the stress level will decrease. And they are very flexible to meet your needs. I’ve asked them to prepare meals for a trip to a rural area when I don’t have facilities to heat up the meals. No problem! They communicate with me often to see if I have any new requests. They are aware of my serious sweet tooth as well as my fitness goal. Their dessert is DELICIOUS!!! So is their fruit salad. Fruits they use are so fresh and packed with flavors. They accommodate my crazy idea of starting out the day with salad. I didn’t know “side green salad” can take so many different forms of deliciousness with different kinds of dressing. My doctor sees how Two Peas meals are improving my health and he is delighted. So give it a try, if you are wondering. You’ll not regret it.

– Kiyoko Ishiwata

“I just wanted to express what great food this catering company provided! Chef Paola is extremely talented and this company has amazing customer service. They were great on accommodating our needs and preferences. Everyone was so happy with the food this company brought to the plate. Highly recommend!”

– Christina T.

“The food is unbelievably delicious and high-quality. It’s like eating each meal at a gourmet restaurant. The portions and ingredients are both healthy and filling.  Two Peas has drastically improved the quality of my life by eliminating the stress of figuring out what to eat, finding time to grocery shop, and cook.  I now spend the extra time with my children and I’ve lost weight quickly and easily to boot!”

– Tara K.

“Chef Craig Petrella and his beautiful wife, Chef Paola, cook up heavenly delicious meals! On top of fantastic meals, the entire team deliver the best service with the best attitude! They have created such a memorable night. I would hire the team again for my next party in a heart beat.”

– Toni Ko

“The food is fantastic!!! Thank you so much!”

– America Ferrera

“I’ve tried other meal delivery services before and had become disenchanted but when a fellow foodie recommended Two Peas I was intrigued. I was not let down! Two Peas made it a breeze to cater my dietary needs. Having someone balance out my day in meals made my life easier in general. I look forward to my delivery like waiting to open a present! Knowing I have things to enjoy the next day just makes the day all the more fun! When I started with Two Peas what I really noticed in a short amount of time was my weight going down. Two Peas led to me dropping over 15 pounds!

I was even more joyous when in October all of my bloodwork/results from my yearly doctor’s visit came back with top notch and optimal levels! My doctor was so excited. I feel so lucky and thankful to have found a meal delivery service that has educated me on what I need in my diet to keep it balanced, healthy, and fun!”

– Fallon Goodson

“Low-fat, high-fiber, and loaded with flavor and variety!”

– Westchester Magazine Interview with Vanessa Williams

“I have been incredibly impressed with the quality and diversity of food as well as customer service from the entire team! This company is superbly well run by people who truly care and love what they do. I initially thought that pricing might be a little high for my budget but it is so worth the money! I am actually saving so much money on groceries (and time) eating gourmet lunches and dinners. Makes me feel like a million dollar man! I highly recommend anyone to give it a try as it is such a treat on so many levels! The level of personalized details offered by this team is beyond anything I have ever experienced! They deserve to be so successful. I am in love with Two Peas!”

– Franck Jolie

“I had two foodie friends over for dinner and decided instead of cooking, I’d try celebrity-favorites, Two Peas Catering. Holy Smokes. BEST DECISION EVER. They made crispy seasoned kale chips to start. Then an amazing carrot-ginger soup complete with special oil and hand-made crème fraîche to top it (along with house-made croutons – so good). Outstanding orecchiette in a gorgeously bright green fresh pesto with tones of mint, fresh pea shoots, and onion. For the centerpiece, a perfectly tender and deliciously sauced roast. My friends and I noticed it was all super healthy too. If you want to try something new and have a few ducats to spend on great food, call them. Thank you, Two Peas!”

– Andrea B.

“My wife and I recently switched from another food delivery service to TWO PEAS and we could not be happier. It is truly like having a personal chef in your kitchen. The food is always extremely fresh, tastes incredible, and the variety is amazing. I don’t think a single dish has repeated. Additionally, the office staff is wonderful to deal with. I often have to travel for work and they pause meals when necessary. Overall we couldn’t recommend this service more!”

– Michael Disco

“From the first day I signed up, Chef Paola called me personally to talk about what I like to eat. I knew I was in great hands. I’ve tried other meal delivery services before and became disenchanted by the idea but when a fellow foodie friend recommended Two Peas I was intrigued. The deliveries help streamline my day, making me more productive, and I know I’m getting healthy food that aligns with my goals!!”

– Cris Watkins

“Food is an essential part of fitness and convenience is an essential part of staying committed to any diet or food plan. I have been on the Two Peas food plan for 5 years. It allows me to eat the right portions and it allows me to eat the right foods during the week when I am too busy to focus on it. The food is delicious and I am staying in the best shape of my life!  I have tried other companies before I hired Two Peas and the food here is fresher, tastier, and more creative than before. It is like having my own personal chef.  I feel great and people tell me I look good too. What more could I ask for?”

– Scott Segall

“I am loving everything. I have even enjoyed things that in the past I would have never eaten. Thank you!”

– Terri Apanasewics

“Two Peas has set an insanely high bar today. The food is fantastic! Very much looking forward to tomorrow’s selection.”

– Catherine Ferguson

“I have to thank YOU for having such amazing food and service! I couldn’t be happier with my decision of signing up with TWO PEAS. I’m so happy to hear that others are signing up! I’ve told a few people around as well.
Again, I can’t tell you how happy I am with the food. You’ve made my days so much easier and I always look forward to lunch now. I used to dread it because I never knew what to eat. Thank you again!”

– Ingrid Calubayan

“Your food is delicious and I have already recommended it to all my friends! Thank you!”

– Amanda Bynes

“Two Peas has changed my life, providing me not just with more free time to do what I want to do, and not just a healthy and delicious meal three times a day, but also has liberated me from the daily dilemma of where to eat and what to eat.  Two Peas cuisine offers me tremendous variety, simple, clean nutritious food, and perfectly apportioned.  The flavor is outstanding, simply delicious, and wonderfully seasoned. Not once have I needed to add even a pinch of salt or pepper.

The packaging and delivery is beautiful and reliable. It has simplified my life in so many ways.  The customer service is extraordinary. Just as the food itself doesn’t feel mass produced, the service is highly personalized. When I call, Two Peas makes me feel like I am speaking with my own private chef. I love Two Peas and honestly it would be a bargain at twice the price. It’s not just about great food. It’s about freeing up my time and my mind to do what I love.  Thank you so much, Two Peas!

– Joni

“I want to tell you what a fabulous job you are doing for our family. Thank you all for your patience and hard work!”

– Stacey Fischler

“I would like to personally THANK YOU for AMAZING work! Two Peas should be ecstatic and feel proud for having someone as lovely and professional on their team like Chef Paola. Her sweetness and talent is the perfect package. Once again a HUGE THANK YOU to you and the Two Peas Team for making my celebration an unforgettable, memorable, and SEXY soirée!”

– Peter Otero (Otero Inc.)

“LOVE this food. From the first day I signed up, Chef Paola called me personally to talk about what I like to eat. I knew I was in great hands. The food is creative, healthy, fresh, and delicious. I don’t have to think about what to cooking or takeout . I just receive my cooler of yummy food and it’s like Christmas when I open it! I feel lighter and happier. Thank you!”

– Marika C.

” My husband and I have tried a number of different services and the meals we get from Two Peas are by far the most flavorful, unique, and the quality of the food is amazing. The team is very responsive, welcomes feedback, and they even have special discounts. The service is not always cheap but well worth the price. It’s convenient and delicious so we are big fans. Thank you Chef Paola and team!”

– Aida

“Last night was amazing thanks to Team Two Peas! Chef Craig was terrific. Not only as a Chef but as a gentleman. I am already looking forward to my next dinner party!”

– Mark Berman

“Thanks so much for all you did to enable us to have a wonderful time at our recital and dinner. We were so pleased with the delightful evening. You and your staff did a wonderful job and the food was purely delicious. It was memorable.”

– Eileen Leech

“Thank you for the fabulous Valentine’s Day dinner! My husband and I loved it and as always, really appreciated all your special little touches. We enjoyed the truffles with a great red wine as the dessert *after* our dessert. Divine!”

– Karina Caravia

“You know we love you guys. We will be seeing you next year!”

– Writer’s Camp/ Interscope Records

“Today’s tortilla soup was AWESOME! I could eat it multiple times a week.”

– Rayna

“This is a great program: a wide variety of food, deliciously prepared, delivered right to my home every night right on schedule. This was the only program I found that delivered meals the evening before rather than in the early morning.  Much more convenient. From the beginning, the folks at Two Peas made clear their focus was on me, my needs, and my goals rather than just fitting me into their program. I did a lot of shopping before I settled on Two Peas.  From my view, they are the most flexible program out there.”

– Randy

“Just wanted to say that lunch today was DELICIOUS. I mean, ridiculously delicious. Thanks!”

– David

“Chef Paola and Chef Craig, you are such a delight to work with.  You always make sure to design a very delicious, while at the same time healthy, menu for our events. Most people think that those terms are mutually exclusive, but you have mastered the art of serving memorable gourmet cuisine minus the guilt.  You have dazzled the palettes of our celebrity and VIP guests and continually impress. You were also our heroes when you generously donated a chef’s tasting dinner to our live auction for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, helping to raise a nice donation to continue the amazing work they do for deserving children in need in our community.  We look forward to many more fun opportunities to work together with the Two Peas!”

– Amy & Scott Malin (Partners TrueHeart Events)

“Two Peas was referred to me from a private chef agency. Chef Paola and Chef Craig are the perfect fit! I need to lose weight among a busy schedule and no time to cook. As a foodie, looks and taste are also very important. Chef Paola is the most genuine, kind, and professional person. She contacts me regularly to check in. When I heat a meal, I am amazed to experience crunch, texture, and flavor similar to a restaurant serving me. I have not had a repeat-meal in 7 weeks and this is thrilling. Every night I am so excited to run out, grab my bag, and see what delectable food awaits me. I AM LOSING STEADY WEIGHT, NEVER HUNGRY, AND SO HAPPY WITH MY DAILY FOOD MENUS. Working with Two Peas has been life-changing. Thank you, Two Peas!”

– Donna W.

“I enjoyed several selections offered at a shoot in L.A. at Avenue Six Studios. The delivery representative was lovely. Would I recommend this provider? Yes! Their Dulce De Leche Biscuits and Lemon Cinnamon Poundcake were amazing. The Puerto Rican Picadillo, Cilantro Plantain Rice, Sheperd’s Pie, Baked Salmon, Fruit Salad and Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad were great selections. I liked their environmently conscious bamboo plates and they had a clean presentation.”

– Nzingha Z.

Thank you so much for everything. Your team is so sweet and kind!!!! I really can’t tell you how much I enjoy your program. Not only is the food AMAZING but your customer service is above-and-beyond. You are such genuine people. That is hard to come by in Los Angeles!

– Sarah Chalke