Chef Owner Craig Petrella

Chef Craig Petrella is known for his cool and authentic character. His culinary genius is paralleled by these foundational traits. His career began at age 16 at Pepino’s; an Italian restaurant in Florida. 

Determined, he honed in on a self-taught style. After a multitude of successful experiences in corporate-style kitchens, he went on to work for acclaimed chef, Norman Van Aken, in Miami, Florida. From the bottom, he quickly rose to the top, landing highest position as Chef de Cuisine! This led him to Los Angeles where he personally opened for Norman’s on Sunset Boulevard.

“Craig is unequivocally one of the finest pure cooks in any professional American restaurant today!“ 

– Chef Norman Van Aken

Aside from directing Two Peas, Chef Craig creates and tests new dishes for catering, private tasting, and restaurant consultations. You can catch him at the Farmer’s Market among farmers he has befriended or enjoying time with his family.

In April 2006, Craig and his wife Paola, joined ventures to provide a high-end catering and meal delivery service. They have established themselves as The Chefs amongst some of the most respected personalities of Hollywood and health-related fields.

What started as a single-client has evolved into one of Los Angeles’ most desired luxury services. A-list celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale, Zach Braff, Josh Duhamel, Sally Field, Brett Ratner, Vanessa Williams and many more, come to Two Peas Inc for a delicious experience.

His style is Timeless Cuisine; classical favorites evolved into timeless masterpieces. Chef Craig believes in creating great dishes from the best of every single ingredient while maintaining its integrity.