Chef Owner Craig Petrella

Chef Craig Petrella is perhaps one of the coolest and most authentic persons you will ever meet. His food and culinary genius are paralleled by his personality and authenticity. Trained from the bottom up, he started his culinary career at 16, as a dishwasher at Pepino’s.  An authentic Italian restaurant in Oviedo, Florida.

Pepinos’ food philosophy was what sparked his passion for the kitchen. The  kitchen that  quickly became his first culinary home.

Determined, but stubborn, he refused to go to culinary school and instead, chose the self-taught road.  After many different experiences in corporate-style kitchens, he decided to work for acclaimed chef, Chef Norman Van Aken in Miami, Florida.

Craig started his adventure at Norman’s from the bottom but quickly rose to the top, landing the highest position as a Chef de Cuisine and right-hand man for Chef Norman Van Aken. His journey with NRV took him to Los Angeles,  to open doors for Norman’s on Sunset Boulevard. His nine years at Norman’s gave him the perfect experience and confidence to launch himself as an entrepreneur and continue his career as a professional chef.

As Chef Norman Van Aken describes him,

“Craig is unequivocally one of the finest pure cooks in any professional American restaurant today“.

His style is Timeless Cuisine. …

He gets inspired with classical favorites and evolves them into timeless masterpieces. His philosophy on food is very straight forward.

“Make the best out of each ingredient and keep its integrity, without overcomplicating things.”

He is proud to celebrate his 9th year of owning and perfecting Two Peas Inc.  Chef Craig is the culinary mastermind and visionary behind Two Peas Cuisine.

Aside from directing the daily kitchen operations, Chef Craig is constantly creating, testing and designing new dishes for catering menus, private tasting and restaurant consulting projects. You can catch him often at the Farmer’s Market getting inspired and having laughs with many of the farmers he’s known for nearly a decade …

Two Peas has quickly become a powerhouse in the culinary field by offering High-End Catered Events, directed by Executive Chef Owner Craig Petrella and the Two Peas team.

His reputable following of a A-list clientele, from music moguls to celebrities, has turned Two Peas catering from a local talent to a highly-recognized and demanded luxury service for many.

Craig is as passionate of his family as he is about cooking, He is a man with a big heart that is fearless to any challenge life may bring him.